Booking Opportunity Center - Booking Com Extranet

By Gavin | December 14, 2018

This post is going to be about booking opportunity center, here is going to take you straight to your booking back on the extranet. Now over here we have a home, it gives you an overview of what's happening on your account, we have rates and availability over here, change room rate, adjustments to cell calendar, set restrictions, reservations, etc. He's going to tell you what is coming in property, some general info, photos, facilities, and services.

You're going to need to go here and add room details, you can also request changes to your descriptions or request changes to your room types and so forth. In your settings, you just have guest payment options and some other wave cancellation fees, check-ins policies, etc. Over here we have the opportunity center, this is important for you to go to go ahead and click on it, will do is they will suggest for you to do some things that are not only going to help your business.

But increase your revenue and make your guests happy. One thing you need to do is you're going to need to upload high-quality photos, now if you don't have somebody to go out to your property and take pictures when you don't have time just give booking duck on the call, will do it for you for free.

What do you access? What do you have to lose? Here are a few other suggestions that they have for you just to increase your revenue, so definitely go into your Opportunity Center and click on it and see what they have for you for suggestions.

Now if you want to get ahold of to ask them to do some photographs for you, just click on your account button, and you can click on contacts and that's going to open up your primary point of contact, and you can send them a letter "Hey, can you hook me up with some photos?" I'd like to get that started or you can contact them to have help with anything else in your extranet also.

If you're connecting to us, you're going to need to go into your account and click on channel manager, and that will get you started to activate your account with and us, or you can also deactivate it under this account. You can also change your password to check your notifications, add a new property, but most importantly you have your contacts, and that's going to tell you who to contact to help you further in your

We have guest reviews, really important, you need to follow these, you need to add responses to your customers to make sure that they wrote something and that you care enough to write back, and either thank them for their review or ask with what you can do to make their experience better, etc.

That's about it, for now, just a quick overview of most two important things to remember opportunity center, account contact, and also to connect your channel manager.